Company Meister Co., Ltd.
Address 156-1 Chuokogyodanchi, Sagae-shi,Yamagata-ken, Japan
Telephone <Sales Engineering Dept. Administration Dept.>
Tel : 0237-86-4500
Fax : 0237-86-0252
<Manufacturing Dept.>
Tel : 0237-86-2377
Fax : 0237-86-9133
Yokohama Sales Office 1150-42 Eda-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi
Tel/Fax : 045-511-889
CEO President Tsukuru Takai
Capital ¥36 million
Corporate Establishment July 1, 1980 (Initially founded on July 1, 1976)
Number of Employees 73 (As of April 1, 2018)


1976 Started initial business of voice-coil and frame production solely in Kahoku-cho, Yamagata-ken
1978 Opened Yamagata regional office of Ishiiseimitu Corporation
1980 Established Takaikouki Corporation with a capital of ¥5 million and started grinding cutting tools
Opened Yamagata Sales Office for Takeuchi Molding Material Corporation
1982 Increased capital to ¥10 million
1984 Started participation in the Mechanical Components Expo in Harumi, Tokyo
1988 Moved and integrated headquarters and the second factory as a new facility to Sagae-shi
Changed corporate name to Meister Co., Ltd.
1990 Increased capital to ¥ 20 million
1994 Awarded “management streamlining” by the Medium and Small Enterprise Agency
The second factory newly constructed
1997 The very first “Token Symposium (Cutting Tool Symposium)” was held in Tokyo
Chosen for the top 100 “Iki-iki Kigyo (very business active subcontractor) “
2001 Awarded “the Innovative Machinery Engineer” category of “the Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Minister’s Award “
2002 An employ was authorized the very first female “technical skill test 2” in Yamagata prefecture
2003 An employ was prized “Advanced Skilled Worker” by the Japan Vocational Ability Department Central Associations
Awarded “the Business and Tourism Hall of Fame Award of Governor of Yamagata Prefecture”
2004 Awarded for “the Director General of Yamagata Prefecture Labor Bureau” as a company of equal employment opportunity
2006 Authenticated and registered for “Eco-action 21”
2008 Relocated main factory and headquarters to the Chuo-industrial Park in the city of Sagae
Adopted NEDO “Drill Marketing”
Registered for “Danjyo iki-iki/kosodate ouen kigyo (Lively men and woman/childcare supporting company)
Adopted “New Technology Development Supporting Project” by the Yamagata Industry Future-dream Funds
2009 Licensed as a pharmaceutical equipment manufacture
Approved for “the small and medium scale manufacture product development supporting funds”
2010 Started prototyping “implant drill development”
Offered facility for the site of “industrial counseling course”
Started participating in “the support industry project”
For enhancing technology and engineering, admitted three experienced advisors
2013 Selected for “the Top 100 Diversity Management
Awarded “the Life and Work Balance Excellent Company by Governor of the Prefecture”
Awarded for "Governor's Excellent Work & Life Balance Company"
2014 Awarded “the environment conservation affirmation” by Yamagata Prefecture
2015 Received a letter of appreciation from the Ministry of Environment for “the Eco-action 21” participation
2016 Increased capital to ¥ 3.6 million by a fund from Tokyo Chusho Kigyo Ikusei Co. Ltd.
Awarded for “the Habataku Chu-Sho Kigyo 300(the active 300 small to medium scale company)” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
2017 Selected for "The 2000 Driving Companies for The Regional Future"
CEO Tsukuru Takai was conferred decoration of Kyokujitsutankosho
2018 The second plant was completed and started operation