Facility Equipments

Grinder Ishiiseimutu Corporation Although it is a standard machine, the 10 heads capacity handles various processes for drill, end-mill, bites, and broach.
Kanehira Compact size but powerful and high-performance enough to work on materials from carbide alloy, cermet, PCBN, to PCD tools with chipping-less smooth finish.
CNC Grinder Hisikouseiki A space saving versatile grinder stores up to 5000 tooling setups, regrinds variety of tool forms, and allows data input communication by touch-panel.
ANCA It’s flexible software accepts profile tools and many other types of tools. It lets measure tolerance condition within the machine housing by a camera. Therefore, the ideal product formation can be achieved. Also, the high output grinding shaft handles from re-grinding to production. The equipped loader allows small to large volume production.
Waidaseisakusho This fully automated grinder is made to work for PCBN and PCD tools as well with each high rigid shaft, built-in measurement device, and automated dressing function. Also, the pallet loader offers a long duration of unattended production.
CNC Profile Grinder Waidaseisakusho The extra linear motor driven grinder induction axis allows an automation function of free horizontal grinding axis rotation. Furthermore, the horizontally positioned C-axis lets process the C-axis oriented profiling and other wide range of works.
High-reciprocated grinder Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd. The 500 rpm/min reciprocated grinding makes precise fluting and accurate contouring process. Also, it’s “Balance Doctor” feature keeps grinder stability and achieves high quality finish.
Surface Grinder Nagase Integrex Co., Ltd. The oil damper spindle regulates grinding axis accurately to process high precision surface finish for such cemented carbide mirror finish. Also, it’s “Balance Doctor” feature keeps grinder stability and achieves high quality finish.
Machining Center Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. The high speed 30,000 rpm/min main axis and precision machine structure contribute to high quality finish and dimensional accuracy for processing small scale molds and precision components. Also, the semi-dry processing function handles machining for difficult materials.
Brother Industries, Ltd. With improved z-axis speed, this compact but high speed and responsive machine yields high production output rate. Also, the built-in CNC turn table allows 4 axis productions
Wire Electric Discharge Machine Sodick Co., Ltd. This gateway-type machine offers touchless linear motor driven X, Y, U, and V axis which eliminate backrush and high rigidity. Also, the oil fluid pumping feature reduces discharging gap and archives product accuracy.
Die-Sinker EDM Sodick Co., Ltd. This LP2 power supply loaded machine features linear motor driven X, Y, and U axis, simultaneous electro-discharging and motion control, touchless backrush elimination, high speed processing, and quick respond. The SVC circuit achieves high grade mirror finish. Also, the ITS equipped main axis lets electrodes replacement by ATC.